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Who likes me? – Art Exhibition, Galleri T (Gamla Stan Stockholm), 3.-8. Mars

Nora Farah is holding her first art exhibition in Scandinavia, in Stockholm, March 3-8, 2018. She will show new installations, as well as some of the works that also were exposed in Paris in September 2017.

«Who likes me?» plays and focuses at the womans ideas of herself, as well as Nora Farahs goal of keeping the natural, feminine and sensual story well told trough her works.

There will be framed pictures as well as torsos, dresses and all new formats. We hope you will avail this golden opportunity. Please feel free to share the invitation to people you think like it.



Opening times:

March 3, 14-20

March 4-7, 12-19

March 8, 12-16

Galleri T, Adress: Österlånggatan 3, 111 30 Stockholm, Sverige. Map.