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From Paris with passion – for Brides and queens

Living, creating, exploring, innovating and working with Nora, means that every day is a new day, with new ideas, projects, challenges and results.

This lady, known for many as Nora Farah has been one of Europe's innovative creators for more than 25 years. She has designed creations, collections and projects for royalty, celebrities and entreprises.

With her multicultural background and her experience, she has now finished her own circle. She has spent the last years developing her skills and in 2017 she had her very first art exhibition, in Paris.

Do you know what Naomi Campbell, Paloma Picasso and Grace Jones have in common? They where clients served by Nora Farah, nearly 30 years ago, in Paris where she started her career as a young fashion designer in the 80s.

To this day she still has the queen of Norway in her exclusive client list as well as blossom brides in all ages. 

Nowadays she focuses on art AND fashion, and her art comes out from fashion. Nora sticks to her roots and basic ideas, the real womans femininity and sensuality is always in focus. She combines shapes and elements and uses fabrics, lace, materials and colors in balancing structure. Noras goal is to share experiences that both challenges and pleases, while showing you new ways to go.

A femme with a feminine touch.